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Requesting Modification of Child Support or Child Custody in the State of Maryland

on Jan 16, 2018 in Child Custody, Child Support

After a court has entered a Judgment of Divorce in the state of Maryland, it is possible to modify child support or child custody.  An individual in the state of Maryland is allowed to bring any legal motion without representation.  However, that does not mean it is a good idea.  Family law attorneys are expensive.  However, representing yourself in court is also expensive.  Even experienced family law attorneys retain a family law attorney to represent them in court.   Carefully consider a qualified, experienced family law attorney for modification matters. Requesting a Change of Child Support Every three years, either parent may ask the Child Support Enforcement office to review a child support order.  The modification request may result in either an...

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Special Needs Children and Divorce

on Jan 2, 2018 in Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce

Special Needs Children and Divorce Attorneys and parents alike must give additional attention when approaching the issue of special needs children and divorce.  “Special needs” can mean different things to different people.  In the context of divorce proceedings, you, the parent, decide whether your child’s situation merits the title “special needs.”  Typically, however, children with special needs require care and attention above and beyond the average child.  Whether your child requires a wheelchair, has a mental illness, is developmentally delayed, or is terminally ill, if your child has special needs, your divorce requires special attention and consideration. Parenting Time, Special Needs Children and Divorce Often, when parents divorce, custody is established as every other week, and alternating weekends.  Other...

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Child Support in Maryland: Frequently Asked Questions

on Nov 19, 2017 in Child Support

How is child support in Maryland calculated? Maryland has child support guidelines.  These guidelines include a basic mathematical formula used for determining child support in Maryland.  The calculation is based on each parent’s gross income. Are there exceptions to the standard calculation? Yes.  If the combined income of both parents is more than $15,000 per month, the courts make child support determinations based on the needs of the children. Additionally, parties have the opportunity to establish the guidelines are inappropriate or unjust in a particular case.   However, these situations are rare. Are there other forms of child support in Maryland, besides a mathematical formula for income? Yes.  Child support may also include providing health insurance and dental insurance, or...

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Stressed about Going to Court? 5 Strategies to Reduce Stress Ahead of Time

on Nov 13, 2017 in Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce

Most lay people find going to court a stressful situation.  Because it is often unfamiliar, court seems scary – and it can be.  If you have hidden assets, mislead your attorney, or provided false information during previous proceedings, you should immediately tell your family law attorney.  We cannot stress this enough.  These things have a way of coming out in court.  Optimally, none of these situations describe you.  However, if they do, or if you have a sneaking suspicion something else you have – or haven’t done – could result in disaster on the stand, the time to come clean is now.  Your attorney is your advocate.  Many times, your attorney has the ability to rectify the situation.  But...

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How to Find a Family Law Attorney

on Oct 29, 2017 in Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce

Steps to Find a Family Law Attorney Looking to find a family law attorney?  Facing divorce, the stress of trying to find a family law attorney can be a challenge during an already difficult time.  Nonetheless, you work with your family law attorney making life-altering decisions.  Finding the right fit is critical.  You face a number of decisions regarding shared property, perhaps children, the potential for alimony, etc.  You need an attorney you can trust.  Regardless of who you hire, your attorney provides insights and advice based on their prior experience handling divorces.  Following a few simple guidelines make the process easier. Start By Asking for Referrals If you have a friend or family member who has divorced, ask...

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11 Situations Where a Family Law Attorney Can Help

on Oct 8, 2017 in Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce

There are many reasons someone might need a family law attorney.  Family law attorneys work to both establish rights, where appropriate, and protect the interests of families.  Below are some of the most common reasons people need family law attorneys. 1.    Adopting a Step Child Not every blended family adopts.  However, there are some times when adoption makes sense.  This includes situations where a biological parent has died, is incarcerated for an extended period, or is otherwise unavailable or uninvolved in a child’s life.  In those circumstances, adoption may be the right answer for a particular family.  Of course, courts have certain requirements before an adoption occurs.  Family law attorneys assist in making certain all of the necessary requirements...

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