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Why You Should Consider Hiring an Attorney for an Uncontested Divorce in the State of Maryland

on Jan 19, 2018 in Divorce

The Constitution allows individuals to represent themselves in all legal proceedings.  This includes divorce matters.  However, doing so presents problems and has drawbacks.  The temptation for an individual to represent himself or herself is particularly strong when the divorce is uncontested. Uncontested Divorce: Human Emotion A quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln, says, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”  It is believed this was aimed at attorneys, but it certainly also applies to a layperson.  A common trait that everyone has is we are all human.  Emotions easily cloud even the most intelligent person’s judgment.  This is even more true when a person’s financial, emotional, and mental security are at stake.  Divorce impacts every aspect of...

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Understanding the Divorce Process From Beginning to End

on Jan 13, 2018 in Divorce

The divorce process in Maryland is complicated.  However, it can be broken down into a number of steps.  of course, every divorce is different.  Some fundamentals, however, remain the same from one case to the next.  Understanding the steps of the process makes divorce less intimidating, focuses parties, and allows for the best possible outcome. In most cases, prior to filing a complaint in a divorce case, the parties must live apart continuously, without cohabitation, for one year.  One of the parties may file for divorce after that one year period. During a divorce, a number of issues are resolved, by agreement, or by a judge.  This includes child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support or alimony, the...

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A Contested Divorce in the State of Maryland — What to Expect Regarding Alimony

on Jan 11, 2018 in Divorce

Family law cases are typically resolved by agreement between the parties in the State of Maryland.  A court then approves the aspects of the agreement.  However, when the parties, through their attorneys, comply with Maryland law, this is approval is a formality.  When the parties do not agree, on the other hand, the court issues a final judgment, resolving any remaining issues.  This final judgment by the court includes alimony.  Alimony is complicated and it is important to understand certain concepts.  When the parties cannot resolve issues of alimony, the court determines the amount and duration of alimony.  Here are some things you need to know about what to expect regarding alimony. What to Expect Regarding Alimony in the State...

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A Contested Divorce in the State of Maryland — What to Expect Regarding Custody Decisions

on Jan 7, 2018 in Child Custody, Divorce

The majority of family law cases in the state of Maryland are resolved by agreement.  When the parties do not agree, a contested divorce is resolved by a judge, following a trial.  The judge has the final say in all issues the parties cannot resolve, including custody of the children.  A contested custody case is complicated and it is important to understand key concepts. Legal Versus Physical Custody The State of Maryland has two types of custody, legal custody and physical custody. Legal Custody Legal custody establishes which parent makes decisions about important issues for their child.  This includes decisions regarding medical care, education, discipline, religion and other important, long term matters.  Legal custody is not determined by where...

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Special Needs Children and Divorce

on Jan 2, 2018 in Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce

Special Needs Children and Divorce Attorneys and parents alike must give additional attention when approaching the issue of special needs children and divorce.  “Special needs” can mean different things to different people.  In the context of divorce proceedings, you, the parent, decide whether your child’s situation merits the title “special needs.”  Typically, however, children with special needs require care and attention above and beyond the average child.  Whether your child requires a wheelchair, has a mental illness, is developmentally delayed, or is terminally ill, if your child has special needs, your divorce requires special attention and consideration. Parenting Time, Special Needs Children and Divorce Often, when parents divorce, custody is established as every other week, and alternating weekends.  Other...

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Considering a Divorce in 2018?

on Dec 31, 2017 in Divorce

If you are considering a divorce in 2018, you are not alone.  Statistics show divorce filings tend to drop off towards the end of the year.  Divorce filings increase in January and February, with March typically the highest month for divorce filings.  Many people choose not to divorce during the holiday season.  Some are just waiting out the days, while others decide to hang on a little longer to see if they can find a way to make the marriage work.   Regardless of your motives for waiting, if you are considering divorce in 2018, there are certain steps you can take now in preparation.  Gathering documents now, and collecting pertinent information, will save you time when you meet...

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