For some, divorce gets faster and easier

on Oct 22, 2015 in Divorce

Divorce changes from year to year as laws shift, so it’s very important for people in Maryland to keep an eye on these laws so that they know exactly what rights they have and what their legal options are if they decide to split up. For example, a new law was recently passed that has been touted as a way to make divorce both faster and easier.

Prior to this law being passed, couples had to wait for a mandatory year to file. This was true even if they were in agreement about everything, if the split was amicable, and if they came up with a separation agreement ahead of time.

Now, some couples won’t have to wait. There are some restrictions, though. The couples can’t have children, or they’ll still be subject to the one-year separation before divorce is granted. Additionally, the decision has to be mutual and the couples must agree on how to divide property. If it’s a complicated or contested divorce, the waiting period still goes into effect.

As you can see, this law won’t change things for a lot of people, who have to iron out parenting plans, custody rights, child support obligations and property division agreements. However, for those who are going to have a relatively simple divorce, anyway, this makes an enormous difference. Now, they can split up and move on with their lives without having to spend 12 months waiting around, all of the details already in place.

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