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Writing a cheque for alimony in RockvilleAs experienced alimony attorneys in Rockville and Frederick, we know the many questions that individuals facing a divorce are likely to have. Some of the greatest anxieties arise when our clients contemplate what their alimony rights and obligations might be. We are here to provide reassurance and the benefits of our decades of experience to see to it that our clients are treated fairly during divorce proceedings.

How Do Courts Determine Alimony?

Alimony in Maryland can be classified in one of two ways:

  • Rehabilitative alimony: This form of spousal support is intended as a short-term measure to give the recipient spouse time to pursue education or training to eventually become self-supporting.
  • Indefinite alimony: This form of spousal support is typically awarded to a spouse who is older or unable to provide for himself or herself due to disability or illness. Less often, indefinite alimony can be awarded when there will be a substantial difference between the two spouses’ standard of living after the divorce. Indefinite alimony payments are long-term and will continue until the death of either spouse or it is modified or terminated by a court.

Courts in Maryland look at 12 statutorily defined factors to determine which spouse can receive alimony and what amount he or she will be entitled to. Among the factors a judge will consider are:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Cause of the spouses’ estrangement
  • Ages of the spouses
  • Ability of the spouse seeking alimony to be self-supporting
  • Ability of the paying spouse to meet his or her own needs while supporting the recipient spouse
  • The financial needs and resources of both spouses

Our Maryland Spousal Support Attorneys Advocate for Your Interests

A positive result in a determination of alimony depends on several factors. The financial position of both spouses certainly plays an important role, but court decisions can also depend on which judge is presiding over the hearing. Because the factors a court considers are subjective, we have substantial opportunity to advocate for our clients’ position.

If you are seeking spousal support, an experienced lawyer from Fait & DiLima, LLP can place you in the best possible position to obtain it and ensure that the alimony award is fair. We have successfully represented clients in a range of circumstances, including those in high-asset divorces involving complex and hidden assets. No matter what our clients’ needs are, we work to achieve a fair outcome for them.

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