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Looking for a Divorce Family Law Firm in Gaithersburg? We understand the unique challenges surrounding divorce, and have the necessary experience to guide you through each step of the process. Get the help you need today.

Why Choose Fait & Dilima, LLP?

  • Focus – Our law firm focuses exclusively on family law, which places us in a unique position to handle even the most complex cases.
  • Individually Tailored – We do not believe in cookie cutter solutions. We give each client and each case the individualized attention they deserve.
  • Communication – We strive to maintain a clear and open line of communication with each client, and provide regular updates.
  • Results – Our exceptional team has a lengthy track record of delivering successful results.
  • Highly Rated – Fait & DiLima has earned numerous 5-star reviews on various platforms from satisfied clients.
  • Consultations – For your convenience, we provide confidential consultations.

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When divorce and other family law issues must be resolved, there are no substitutes for an attorney’s experience and dedication to client satisfaction. The Frederick and Rockville divorce lawyers of Fait & DiLima, LLP have more than 50 years of combined experience and an unmatched commitment to help individuals and families navigate challenging times.

How Does It Work or Pain Points

  • If you’re contemplating divorce, the most important thing you can do is to contact an experienced Divorce Family Law Firm.
  • Divorce cases are notoriously challenging. Tempers tend to flare, and emotions cloud your judgement. Many people make unnecessary concessions in order to simply speed the process along.
  • It’s crucial that you have an experienced professional by your side to guide you through each legal challenge.
  • It’s also important to remember that time is of the essence. The longer you remain in an unhealthy marriage, the more difficult it will be to break free.

Reviews - Fait & Dilima, LLP Gaithersburg

Based on 5 reviews
Barbie Hamm
Barbie Hamm
Sylvia Borenstein & Laura Duncan of Fait & DiLima, LLP were incredibly knowledgeable and experienced at helping me sorting out and making a lot of important decisions for my life changing divorce. Everyone at the firm was so great and clearly looking out for my best interests. They definitely succeeded!! As a team the firm definitely Won!! Thanks so much!!
Jade Bristol-Verity
Jade Bristol-Verity
Dorothy Fait successfully helped me through a highly contentious divorce, custody, and support case. Throughout the entire process, she was the perfect mixture of professionally skillful and also kind and empathetic. Her many years of experience in family law gave her the knowledge to help me keep focused on my children and on the future throughout a very dark time in my life. I could not recommend her more highly.
Shannon Ginnan
Shannon Ginnan
After doing my research, I was very impressed with Dorothy Fait's background, and I decided she would be a great fit to represent me in a legal matter. I couldn't be happier. She was extremely responsive, moved quickly when necessary, great at explaining her thought processes to me, struck a nice balance between listening to my requests while guiding me down the best path, and best of all, highly effective. I recommend her with complete confidence.
Irene Abdou
Irene Abdou
I had met several family law attorneys in the past through the Montgomery County Bar Association, and 2 years later when my (ex-)husband and I decided to get divorced, she was top of mind. Before contacting her, I did still do my due diligence, researching her credentials and online reviews, including on avvo.com – an online directory of attorneys. Dorothy had a 10/10 Avvo rating, which is based not only on client reviews, but also on recognition from the legal community, years of experience, and leadership activities. It’s not easy to get a 10/10 rating, so off I went to request a consultation from Dorothy. After meeting and hiring Dorothy, the divorce proceeded smoothly. Dorothy did everything, from drafting the settlement agreement, making any necessary revisions, drafting and filing the “complaint” with the court, setting the court date, and then representing me at the hearing. She was always responsive, professional, and clearly an expert, and throughout the entire process. I had no doubt that I was in good hands, and I have no doubt that you will be too. I highly recommend Dorothy Fait for any of your family law needs.


Fait & DiLima, LLP has represented countless members of the Gaithersburg community just like yourself, and we can do the same for you. It is important that you do not underestimate the challenge ahead. You need an experienced Divorce Family Law Firm by your side. Call us today to schedule your confidential consultation.

How To Get Started

  • Regardless of your unique circumstances, the first and most important step you can take today is to call us and schedule a confidential consultation.
  • During your initial consultation, we will review the details of your case, and explore your legal options.
  • We will also devise a sound and effective strategy, and determine the next best step.
  • We will handle all the intricacies of the legal process and guide you through each challenge, so that you may focus on what matters most.
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