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Rockville Child Support Lawyers

Rockville child support attorneys representing mothers and fathers in MarylandParents who are going through a divorce often have disagreements over who should be granted custody of their children. They also have concerns about payments of child support.

The family law firm of Fait & DiLima, LLP represents mothers and fathers in Maryland to ensure their rights are protected when child custody and support are in dispute. Our Rockville child support lawyers have vast experience handling complex divorce cases and work to ensure that child support guidelines are enforced correctly and fairly for our clients.

Helping Our Clients Understand Maryland’s Child Support Guidelines

Courts in Maryland do not use a set of factors to determine child support, as they do with alimony. Instead, courts will use a set formula to determine which parent is eligible to receive child support and how much he or she is entitled to.

Our firm assists clients during this process by working to make sure that their income and assets are accurately reflected in the child support formula. This formula looks at the combined income of both parents, and it is essential that the calculations be accurate.

We look at a family’s specific circumstances to determine if other support might be available. This comes into play when a child has a chronic medical condition that entails extraordinary and monthly expenses for his or her care. If our client is entitled to child support, we work to ensure that supplemental payments are available to meet these expenses.

Rockville Support Enforcement Attorneys

Sometimes the parent who pays child support — or the one receiving it — will ask a court to modify an existing child support order. We help our clients seek support modification when there is a change in their circumstances, such as a job loss. We also represent recipients of child support when their former spouse seeks a modification.

If you are not receiving the child support you have been awarded, we can assist you with enforcement of the order. We can guide you through the legal proceedings necessary to get the court on your side.

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Our Rockville child support lawyers counsel parents regarding every aspect of divorce and legal separation. Contact our firm online or call 301-251-0100 to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers at our Rockville or Frederick office.


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