Divorce Attorney Rockville, MD

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Rockville Divorce Attorneys

Do you need a divorce attorney in Rockville, MD? You can talk to us at Fait & DiLima, LLP. Our team of divorce lawyers are always ready to consult with you about your situation. We make sure to understand your situation and keep your best interest in mind as we work on your case.

You deserve professional and compassionate representation, and that is what we offer to each of our clients.

Divorce Attorneys in Rockville, MD

We understand that divorce can be very emotional. It is a tough time for anyone. That is why we offer our compassionate approach that seeks to fight for your rights while keeping things close to the facts.

We have experience representing clients fighting through complex cases involving divorce and all the aspects that come along with it, including:

Most divorce cases do not end with the initial agreement or trial. There may be divorce appeals. If you feel like your voice was not heard in court or the judge got the decision wrong, you can call us, and we will look into the case further. We are happy to help determine if there is a course of action you can take.

Our passion drives us to help our clients get what is best for them and their families. It is about what is fair so you can move on with your life. If you need advice with your case or are looking for experienced Rockville divorce attorneys to represent your case, give us a call.

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Rockville is a leading small city in the country and is the county seat of Montgomery, Maryland. The city is home to 68,155 people described as vibrant, playful, and hard-working. Our attorneys at Fait & DiLima, LLP are committed to helping the people of this wonderful city find a resolution to their complex family legal issues, including divorce, custody, and alimony.


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Fait & DiLima, LLP | Rockville, MD 20850 | Divorce and Family Lawyers in Maryland
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