Child Custody and Visitation Attorney in Rockville, MD

When it comes to your child custody and visitation rights, Fait & DiLima, LLP can help you find a solution that is fair to all parties.

Child Custody and Visitation Attorney in Rockville, MD

One of the most sensitive issues for people going through a divorce or separation is child custody and visitation. Other topics can go smoothly, but parents will understandably be very protective when it comes to children. Both parties would definitely want something specific which can easily conflict with each other.

If you need a Rockville child custody and visitation attorney, our Fait and DiLima, LLP legal team is ready to assist you. Our goal is to provide you with sound legal advice for the benefit of you and the child.

Settle Disputes Without Litigation

Not all child custody and visitation cases must go to court. That is the last resort if mediation is needed to get both parties into agreement. Otherwise, the goal is a mutual agreement regarding custody and visitation rights.

To keep the case out of the hands of a judge, you can:

  1. Do a divorce mediation 
  2. Collaborative law 
  3. Settlement conferences
  4. Both parties meet face to face with attorneys present to discuss what is best for the child and reach an amicable decision.

What The Court Considers In Child Custody

If the child custody and visitation case go into court, the judge will make a decision based on several factors.

The primary consideration would always be the child’s welfare – how can he or she be placed in the best position to flourish despite the parents separating? That said, the first thing the judge would look at is each parent’s capability to meet the child’s needs.

That would involve the character of each parent. In the case, different references, including family members, friends, and third parties, like therapists and other professionals who would not have a bias, will be consulted.

The mental and physical well-being of each parent is taken into consideration too. Other factors include:

  • Housing and financial capability
  • Any history of abuse
  • How the parents can communicate with each other
  • Length of time the child has been separated from one parent

Child Custody Modifications And Enforcement

The initial decision of the court may be the best at that moment in time, but things can change. The factors that led to the decision may be different after some time. If the child custody and visitation agreement no longer serve the best interest of the child involved, a modification or enforcement can be requested.

The laws in Maryland are demanding when you seek a modification in the agreement. You need to provide sufficient evidence that the material change in circumstances is now affecting the child’s best interest. That can be difficult to do alone.

If you need to understand more on how you can seek modification or enforcement of child custody and visitation agreements, contact our Rockville child custody and visitation attorney to learn more.

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Preparing For Child Custody Case

Child custody and visitation issues can be very emotional. It involves two parties who are deeply connected to a child’s life. Commonly, they both want to have the most time with the child, along with the ability to make the decisions. It can be nerve-wracking since this will determine the future relationship you have with your child.

It is important to be as prepared as you can. Try to anticipate what can be thrown at you and how you can show that you are the more capable parent. Of course, it helps to have an experienced child custody and visitation attorney to guide you in preparing for this.

Legal Assistance

Our experienced legal team is committed to helping you in this troubling time of your life to preserve the special relationship between a parent and child.

We recognize that each case is unique. Relationships and family dynamics are special because only those involved genuinely know them. We are here to be caring and understanding to be able to give the right advice for your situation.

If you need legal assistance with your child custody and visitation case, call Fait and DiLima, LLP today.

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