Alimony Lawyers in Rockville, MD

Fait & DiLima, LLP is here to guide you through alimony proceedings related to your legal separation or divorce.

Alimony Lawyers in Rockville, MD

Alimony is the legal obligation of one person to support their spouse financially before or after legal separation or divorce. The party with the financial capability to provide support is usually tagged to pay the alimony.

While the concept is straightforward, the reality is that several factors go into alimony. It is easy to find something to disagree about, whether the amount, duration, or method with which the alimony would be paid.

Our Rockville alimony lawyers at Fait and DiLima, LLP are experienced in managing alimony cases. We are here to guide you through the process and find a fair and reasonable outcome.

Who Can Receive Alimony?

While popular culture shows that the wife usually gets alimony payments, either spouse can qualify according to Maryland law. Determining who is eligible would be based on numerous factors, including:

  1. Who needs support
  2. Who is in the position to provide
  3. Other relevant issues in the relationship

Historically, the presumption was that men could get work more easily. But as times change, the law has adapted to reflect the realities of today.

Factors In Determining Alimony In Maryland

There is no fixed formula or calculator that we can use to determine how much alimony is to be paid by a person to their spouse. To make a fair and equitable decision, the court will look at:

  • The ability of the parties who are seeking alimony to support themselves either wholly or partly
  • The standard of living established while the parties are married
  • How long the marriage has been
  • How much time the party receiving alimony will need to get the proper education or training required to find suitable work
  • The reason behind the separation of the couple
  • Individual contributions of the parties, both financial and nonmonetary, to the family
  • The physical and mental condition of the parties involved
  • The capabilities of the person to support themselves while providing alimony to their spouse
  • Any agreement the parties have come to

What Is Alimony For?

The primary purpose of alimony payments is to provide an opportunity for both parties to become stable after separation. It is not uncommon for only one of the parties to make a living during marriage while the other tends to the home and family. In case of a separation, both have the right to pick up the pieces and build new lives.

The duration of payments made is dependent on the assessment of the court based on the factors mentioned above. Every situation is unique.

Our experienced Rockville alimony lawyers at Fait and DiLima, LLP are available to provide you support and guidance during this trying time. If you want to learn more about your case, we can help you by assessing the facts and providing you with options. Contact us today for a consultation.

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Agreement Without A Judge

The easiest and simplest way to address alimony payments is to keep them out of the court. No one wants to have another person dictate what they have to do with their money, so it is best to reach a mutual agreement.

To manage a mutual agreement, you can meet with your spouse with attorneys present to have a proper and professional discussion on how finances are managed after the separation.

The agreed terms will then be documented and reflected in the court order.

Alimony Lawyer

Going through a separation is an emotional time for everyone. Your thinking and judgment can get clouded. That can hinder good decision-making, which you need to address the various aspects of the separation, including alimony.

Every separation is unique, but the laws governing them are the same. We help you understand the facts and see what is applicable and the options available to get your goal.

Schedule your consultation at our Rockville alimony lawyers today.

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