High-Asset Divorce Attorney in Rockville, MD

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High-Asset Divorce Attorney in Rockville, MD

A divorce in itself is already a complicated issue. There are many things to consider, like common children between the parties, future arrangements, the house, and other co-owned properties.

That becomes even more complicated for high-asset divorces. Both parties own significant amounts of funds, properties, and other valuable items together in these situations. They will need to get on the same page and decide on every piece of an asset on their list.

At Fait & DiLima, LLP, our team of attorneys has experience in dealing with these situations. Whether you want to protect your assets or ensure fair treatment, contact our experienced Rockville high-asset divorce attorney for a consultation.

How Assets are Divided in a High-Asset Divorce in Maryland

In Maryland, assets are divided by the court equitably. Properties are split between the parties fairly. However, that does not literally mean an equal 50/50 share. The state follows the equitable distribution concept rather than community property.

The court will consider the facts and arguments regarding every asset of the couple. That will become the basis of the decision, even in high-asset divorces.

As you can imagine, that would take a lot of time. Consult with a Rockville high-asset divorce attorney to know your options so that you can fast-track the process.

Things To Expect With A High-Asset Divorce

The first thing you must know about high-asset divorces is the length of time involved. The attorneys need more time to calculate the value of each property at stake, and the settlement process will be longer. Hastening the process can usually cost you.

Because of the time it consumes, it becomes more expensive. You will need different professionals to help in the assessment of properties. Sometimes an expert can get involved with special assets.

The division of properties will be complicated. The court must determine how to be fair between both parties and the assets involved. You must prepare all your facts and proof of accounts to ensure a fair shake based on your deserve.

Maintaining your finances should be a top priority when going through a high-asset divorce. Know what you own and collate the financial details of your interests. Having all the documents ready allows you to present clearly, which always works in your favor.

Main Challenges In Property Valuation

Property valuation means calculating the value of each asset between the two parties. These include homes, vehicles, investments, and many more. While that seems straightforward, some types of assets are more challenging to evaluate, such as:

  1. Collections of rare items, including art, wine, and coin
  2. Intellectual properties, including trademarks, patents, and copyrights
  3. Unvested stocks and other investments
  4. Professional practices like accounting, legal, and medicine
  5. Commercial real estate
  6. Interests in private and public businesses

Finding accurate value for certain types of assets can be complicated due to their volatile nature. In some cases, there is no baseline comparison.

Because of the complexities of a high-asset divorce, it is helpful to speak to a lawyer about the matter. Contact Fait & DiLima, LLP today to consult with a Rockville high-asset divorce attorney.

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Mediation Can Help

The entire process of high-asset divorce is tiring, time-consuming, and expensive. Most of that is dedicated to the valuation of the assets. That means determining how much the assets are worth.

In simplifying the process, mediation can help. You sit down with your spouse and your respective attorneys to discuss details in the presence of a mediator. The goal is to come to a mutual agreement between most, if not all, details to simplify the process.

The role of the mediator is to provide an unbiased voice of reason between the two parties, balancing the discussion.

Hiring A High-asset Divorce Attorney

A high-asset divorce attorney understands the unique situation you are in, both from a financial and emotional state. Working with our experienced Rockville high-asset divorce attorney can help account for the assets, eligibility, and entitlement.

The last thing you want is to get bogged down on details to the point that you find it challenging to make the right choices. Our job is to provide information based on the facts to help guide you towards your goal.

Schedule a consultation today by contacting our Fait & DiLima, LLP team.

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