Protective Orders & Domestic Violence

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Frederick and Montgomery County Domestic Violence Attorneys

The family law firm of Fait & DiLima, LLP is here to help individuals in Maryland when the circumstances surrounding a divorce or separation include allegations of domestic abuse or other violence in the home.

Our family law attorneys understand that these challenging times are made only more difficult by the uncertainty regarding one’s rights and obligations. With more than 50 years of experience representing clients in all types of family law cases, we have the resources to ensure that your rights are protected if you are being exposed to abusive behavior or facing allegations of domestic violence.

How Can I Request a Protective Order?

The process of applying for, or responding to, a petition for protection can be a challenging experience for any individual to face.

We ease the burdens of this process by preparing our clients to appear before a judge to tell their side of the story. We help them ensure that the judge has all the information he or she needs to rule on whether to provide both a temporary and final order.

There are several important consequences of obtaining a protective order (or having one issued against you):

  • The person granted the protective order can be given temporary use and possession of a shared home.
  • If a couple has children, the parent granted a protective order may temporarily be awarded custody of the children and be entitled to support payments for their care.
  • The person against whom the order is issued will be prevented from going within a certain distance of the protected party, and that person may have to relinquish any firearms he or she owns.

Our team understands that these measures are never taken lightly. We are here to advocate on our clients’ behalf and always ensure that their rights are protected.

To speak with one of the experienced Frederick and Montgomery County domestic violence attorneys at Fait & DiLima regarding your case, call (301) 251-0100 or email our firm.


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