Hidden assets

Rockville Asset Division Attorneys

img-hidden-assets1aWhen our clients are involved in high-asset divorces, hidden marital assets will often come into play. In some instances, one party may have deferred compensation plans or other benefits that a divorce settlement may not take into consideration. In others, he or she may need to shield accounts and other assets.

Our firm has considerable experience resolving these delicate, highly contested matters in our clients’ favor. Individuals in Maryland who choose our Rockville asset division attorneys to represent them in divorce proceedings have confidence that their interests are being advocated by seasoned problem solvers with more than 50 years of combined experience.

When important assets are on the line, our firm’s only goal is to protect our clients’ interests. Contact us to discuss your divorce needs.

Choose Experienced Rockville Asset Division Attorneys for Your Hidden and High-Asset Divorce

Successfully protecting your financial interests during a divorce requires legal counsel with the skills and resources to identify both parties’ assets and formulate and execute a strategy to help you come out ahead.

Our clients range from corporate executives to small-business owners who have particular assets they wish to protect. We routinely advise them regarding many types of assets, including:

  • Offshore accounts
  • Stock options
  • Pension plans
  • “Top hat” retirement plans
  • Other deferred compensation plans

In collaboration with forensic accountants and other experts, we work to ensure that the ultimate terms of a divorce settlement are fair and favorable to our clients.

Our firm also represents individuals who suspect that their spouse may be deceptively, or even illegally, shielding assets during a divorce proceeding. In these cases, we take all necessary steps to ensure that these assets are taken into consideration for the division of property and determination of alimony.

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