Helping Loved Ones Through Domestic Violence

Witnessing a loved one go through domestic violence is extremely difficult. However, it is essential to know the warning signs of domestic violence to help an individual in need. Fait & DiLima, LLP understand how important it is to help our loved ones when they are in need. That’s why we have provided potential signs of domestic violence, as well as how you can help.

Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

When someone is experiencing domestic violence or abuse, you will likely notice a change in their behavior. This is due to the manipulation and control exerted over them by another individual in their life. Here are potential warning signs to keep an eye out for if:

  • They have been cut off from friends or family
  • They are not in control of their own finances
  • They have to make decisions according to the other person, and they may ask permission before going places
  • They are late or do not attend work or school
  • They have low self-esteem or are more anxious than usual
  • They have physical marks, such as bruises

While this is not a comprehensive list of warning signs to look out for, one or more of these often occur in domestic violence situations.

How to Help

Once you have come to realize your loved one is in an unsafe situation, you may want to take action. Fait & DiLima, LLP has a list of suggestions for helping others navigate this difficult situation.

  • Make time for a conversation.
  • Actively validate and support their feelings.
  • Don’t blame the victim for staying in their situation.
  • Help them find specific resources and create a safety plan.

Work With an Experienced Maryland Legal Team

Another way to assist a loved one going through domestic violence is to contact an experienced legal team. Fait & DiLima, LLP understands that domestic violence is a terrible situation, one that our loved ones don’t deserve. However, we can offer compassionate legal services and ensure that you have the representation that you need. Don’t allow your loved ones to navigate this time alone.

Contact Fait & DiLima, LLP today to schedule a confidential consultation and discuss your case at (301) 251-0100.



Helping Loved Ones Through Domestic Violence | Rockville, MD

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