Harmful Effects of Custody Battles on Children

Many times, when parents engage in custody battles, they do so believing it’s in the best interest of their child. And while it may start that way, too many parents lose sight of that and get caught up in trying to overcome their ex-spouse.

Unfortunately, parents fighting for custody aren’t the only ones who get hurt. This conflict can have a lasting emotional impact on children who are caught in the middle. By being aware of the potentially harmful effects of custody battles, you can approach it better.

How Custody Battles Affect Children

Parents may attempt to restrict their issues to the courtroom, but custody battles are often full of contention that cannot always be hidden. Below are some of the circumstances children experience:

  • Significant loss of contact and interaction with one parent
  • Hearing one or both parents speak poorly of the other
  • A reduced standard of living in one or both homes
  • Multiple relocations
  • Loss of participation in many types of extracurricular activities due to logistics or financial issues

Research has shown that children with parents in conflict reported more depressive symptoms and problem behavior, especially for those who felt caught in the middle of their parents’ conflicts.

Here’s the bottom line: focusing on what’s best for the child. While you don’t need to keep the children completely in the dark, you can still protect them from hearing or experiencing anything they’re not required to.

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Harmful Effects of Custody Battles on Children | Rockville, MD | Fait & DiLima, LLP

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