How to Help Your Children Cope with Divorce

Divorce can take a big toll on a family, especially young children. As parents, it is you and your spouse’s responsibility to do what you can to help get them through it and cope with the coming changes. The fact is that the end of your marriage will be hard for your children no matter what, but with your support and love, you can give them the tools they need to heal from this experience.

Helping Your Children Deal with Divorce

You will never be able to make your children’s pain go away, but that does not mean you cannot make this situation easier for them.

Here are some tips on how to help your children cope with divorce:

  • Although your love for your children may seem obvious to you, it might be less obvious to them, so it is essential for you to make it clear how much you love them. During a divorce, kids often blame themselves for their parents’ inability to remain together and they may have concerns about your love for them as a result. Make sure they understand how much the time together means to you and try to avoid canceling plans with them at the last minute.
  • Your children may have some trouble communicating their feelings or expressing their thoughts about the situation. Encourage them to talk and let them know it is okay to feel hurt or disappointed about the divorce. Some of what they have to say may be hard to hear, but vocalizing these thoughts can be helpful for them.
  • You probably have a lot going on with your former spouse right now, but you should still avoid arguing in front of your children or badmouthing your ex when they are around or within earshot. Fighting in front of your kids will only hurt them and increase their anxiety about the situation, so try to keep the peace with your co-parent if they are near.
  • Never try to downplay what your children are feeling and avoid trying to make them feel like their sadness and disappointment are not valid. Giving them the freedom to express and confront their unhappiness will help them cope with it.

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