Should I Talk to My Boss About My Divorce?

Divorce is a very personal matter, so it makes sense that many often feel as though they have to keep it to themselves, especially in a professional environment. There is certainly some wisdom to maintaining privacy, but there are some exceptions. Talking to your boss about your divorce, for example, can greatly benefit you, depending on how you approach it. The key is to avoid an overly confessional tone and to focus on how it may affect your workload and schedule.

How to Talk to Your Boss About Divorce

Although divorce is a very emotional process, the conversation you have with your boss should not be about why you are getting divorced, whose fault it is, or how much you hate your spouse. Instead, this conversation should be more about how this experience may potentially impact your job duties. For example, if you are aware of any scheduled court dates or mediation sessions, this is useful information for your boss.

Moreover, though you should avoid turning this professional discussion into a personal one, be honest with your boss about your ability to maintain your workload. Divorce can be exhausting and you may require more time, understanding, or extra attention. That said, do not take advantage of your boss’s goodwill and keep in mind that there are consequences for not doing your job.

When it comes to sharing this information with your co-workers, you should be a lot more discerning. The more you spread this information in the office, the more frequently you will be confronted with it, which can derail your day and keep you from focusing on the task at hand. The last thing you want is for your personal life to bleed into your professional life.

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