Summer Activities to Try During Visitation

3 Tips and Summer Activities for Visitation

During the summer, things may look a little different for your family’s custody and visitation plan. You may have more time to spend with your children now that school is out for the summer, and if you’re looking for fun activities to do, then continue reading our blog!

Here are activities that are sure to not only help you and your children make memories but also help you grow your bond during visitation.

1. Plan Activities Ahead of Time for Supervised Visitation

If you have court-ordered supervised visitation, try to plan ahead and create a list of activities you would like to do with your child. Limit activities to remain within the timeframe of your visitation schedule so that you don’t potentially violate your custody order.

Here are a few activities you can try that stick within a certain timeframe:

  • Find a new book to read together.
  • Paint a portrait.
  • Go to the park.
  • Cook together.

If you don’t have supervised visitation, you’re not as limited and you may be open to trying even more activities that you and your child can enjoy during your parenting time.

2. Plan Activities According to Your Child’s Age

Parents sometimes feel their children will always be their babies, and while that’s certainly true, you want to come up with activities that are age-appropriate. Tailor activities to your child’s developmental stage and pay attention to things they show interest in when you have them.

If you’re not sure what they like to do, we have a few tips here, but it’s also okay to ask them what they want to do.

Here are some activities that are fun for all ages:

  • Go to a museum.
  • Visit a theme park.
  • Go to an age-appropriate concert.
  • Go to an age-appropriate play.
  • Visit a center for science.
  • Visit a center for the arts.
  • Go to the movies.
  • Go to an arcade or bowling.

The possibilities are endless depending on your court-ordered visitation schedule and if there are any stipulations in your custody agreement.

3. Contact a Child Custody Attorney for Advice

If you’re not sure if your plans for your next visit fit within your visitation schedule and custody agreement, our child custody attorneys at Fait & DiLima, LLP would be more than happy to offer you valuable advice depending on your situation!

Contact our office today at (301) 251-0100 for more information!



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