The Risks of Using an Online Divorce Service

If you and your spouse have decided to dissolve your marriage, you may be thinking of ways to bring down the costs of your divorce. Although an online divorce service may seem like a more cost-effective approach to ending your marriage, the truth is that these one-size-fits-all services do not account for the unique aspects of each divorce. To avoid unnecessary costs and delays, it is essential to hire an experienced divorce attorney to handle your case.

Why You Should Avoid Using an Online Divorce Service

Every divorce presents its own unique challenges. Regardless if you and your spouse are ending things on amicable terms, you may have complex assets or questions that only a knowledgeable legal professional can appropriately address. Moreover, given the cookie-cutter approach of such services, you may end up file your divorce papers incorrectly, which can result in unnecessary delays.

You should also have concerns regarding the safety of your personal data. Filing for divorce requires a substantial amount of sensitive information, including your name and important financial information. If the site is not entirely trustworthy, your identity may be stolen and you may become the victim of fraud.

Additionally, if your spouse has greater knowledge of your household’s finances, you may miss out on hidden assets, which only a skilled divorce attorney will be able to uncover. Your attorney will know what to look for and can ultimately protect any assets your spouse may be attempting to keep from you. An online divorce service, on the other hand, cannot address these issues.

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If you are dissolving your marriage, do not hesitate to hire a knowledgeable attorney to handle your case and protect your interests. At Fait & DiLima, LLP, our legal team is backed by more than 50 years of collective experience, which we will use to your advantage. You can rely on us to provide personalized attention and solutions that are tailored to your needs.

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